Our affordable eCommerce merchant services and online credit card payment processing seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce payment processing platform to give customers a smooth and secure online buying experience. Launch your shop with the right eCommerce credit card processor and avoid getting your merchant account frozen. GoPro has been at the forefront of the eCommerce payment processing industry, helping web-based businesses achieve their sales goals with an emphasis on competitive discount rates, transaction security and white-glove customer service. We understand the unique payment processing requirements of an Internet-based business, as 90% of our clients process payments online.


  • Support for most shopping carts
  • Multiple option payment gateways
  • Free GoPro payment plugin modules
  • Chargeback alerts and management
  • Robust reporting and Fraud-scrubbing


The GoPro high risk payment gateway is a PCI DSS Level I white label platform with robust capabilities to help you connect in the digital payments world. The are many payment gateway providers out there for you to choose from, but none with the capabilities that the GoPro Payment Gateway can provide. Want to know how the GoPro Payment Gateway can benefit your business?

Virtual Terminal
Inventory Manager
Quick-Click Button Generator
Multi-MID support
Open API for shopping-cart integration
Customer Vault
Automatic Recurring Billing
iSpy Fraud Tools
Export to QuickBooks
QuickBooks SyncPay
Verified-by-Visa / MC SecureCode
Level 3 Processing
Detailed, Custom Reporting


Direct-marketing response merchants typically struggle to find stable and long term solutions to accept and process credit cards via a VT (virtual Terminal).
  • MO/TO merchants face this challenge due to the high chargebacks incurred, card not present (CNP) method of acceptance, and high volume of processing on a riskier model.
  • With GoPro’ extensive experience in this industry, we can customize an integrated, seamless, and efficient Virtual Terminal solution for call-center based merchants.
  • GoPro can offer services for direct response merchants of all sizes and categories – marketing with traditional media campaigns, Television, Infomercial, Print Advertising and Internet Marketing.

Traditional Marketing Options we Assist With:

  • Novelty Items
  • Electronic Products
  • Nutraceutical & Health Products (natural and herbal supplements)
  • “As Seen on TV” Products
  • Direct Marketing & Direct Response
  • Subscription, Recurring & Continuity Models
  • Inbound Telemarketing

What is 3D Secure?

In short, 3D Secure was created by Visa and MasterCard to add an additional layer of security for Card Not Present (CNP) merchants. 3D Secure ties the financial authorization process with online authentication based on a three-domain model (3D). The three domains consist of:

  • Acquirer Domain (the bank and the merchant to which the money is being paid)
  • Issuer Domain (the bank which issued the card being used)
  • Interoperability Domain (Visa & MasterCard)

Level 2 & 3 Credit Card Processing

As experts in level 2 & 3 credit card processing, we’ll educate you on what data is needed to get the lowest interchange rates.

  • Credit card processing methods fit into three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
  • Each level is defined by the amount of information that is required or passed to complete a payment (with Level 1 having the lowest requirements and potentially the highest costs)
  • Level 2 and Level 3 card data provides more information for business, commercial, corporate, purchasing, and government cardholders.


If your industry or business encounters a higher rate of credit charge chargebacks than most other retailers, the acquiring banks that accept and approve credit card payments will either freeze the merchant account that collects the funds from credit card payments or sharply increase the credit card processing rate for that merchant. There are many reasons a consumer may file a return item chargeback. There are over 50 chargeback reason codes between all the major card brands, and while the list is too long to cover them all here, we will address what exactly a chargeback is, the most commonly abused reasons for a credit card chargeback dispute transaction, chargeback prevention services, and how to fight credit card chargebacks.